CSR Philosophy

CSR is the very basis of our company foundation. Like all good stories that begin with a family, our CSR embodies the management creed that led to our company’s foundation—“make homes that customers can trust”— and our Management Philosophy, which states that we run our company for the sake of our employees and their families as part of our goal of taking care of our stakeholders.

Next in order of importance among our stakeholders come our customers and suppliers. The reason for this is that our management aims for the satisfaction of the five categories of stakeholders listed below. If we don’t first guarantee that our stakeholders and their families are happy, they cannot possibly take the responsibility of providing society with homes.

1.Employees and their families
2.Customers and suppliers
5.Japan as a whole

When we say that we are in business first for our employees, that does not mean we place more importance on them than on our customers. We rank these five categories of stakeholders so that we can achieve satisfaction for all of them.
By first taking care of our employees and their families, employees become more motivated and grow into human resources capable of taking care of customers.
We believe that fostering employees who have a feeling of gratitude will lead to satisfaction for all stakeholder groups in the following way.

Employees will feel gratitude for their situation, and for the people in their lives they have been blessed with, including their parents and their own families.
(Responsibility to employees: Parental care allowance in April, comprehensive and fair employee evaluation system, employee commendation system, etc.)

By manifesting this feeling of gratitude in their work, employees can build good relationships with customers.
(Customer satisfaction activities: Initiatives to be No. 1 in Japan in customer satisfaction, and to be the most loved company in Japan)

Good customer relations lead to contracts to build homes, which means we can order construction work and materials from suppliers.
(Responsibility to suppliers: Clean work site initiative, construction safety competition)

From our profits, we can pay dividends to our shareholders.
(Responsibility to shareholders and investors: Timely disclosure)

As with our social contribution activities, a portion of the profit we get from customers helps society since it goes to pay taxes for local administrative organs and the national government.
((Responsibility to communities: Environment beautification activities, donations to UNICEF, installation of AED equipment)

The remaining profits go towards internal reserves, which we use to invest in future business development and give ourselves a more solid management base.

In this way, we believe that satisfaction for all of our stakeholders begins with our employees and that all of our stakeholders are equally important. As you can see, the focal point of our CSR is the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders. We mentioned earlier that customers are second on our list of stakeholders: this is because we value them from the bottom of our hearts.