Business Information

A Complete Home Provider

In its early years, Fuji Corporation was involved in all aspects of the detached home business: procuring land, obtaining regulatory approval, and designing, constructing, and selling the houses. We also built up know-how in the design and construction of for-sale condominiums, then moved into rental apartments to procure a stable source of income, which led to the start of the company’s real estate management business. These businesses grew into the Effective Land Utilization segment for contract construction of apartments and condominiums. With its comprehensive know-how, the company launched its business for the sale of rental apartments to investors. As well, we integrated the housing brokerage and renovation expertise we had built up since our establishment to launch a segment, called ‘Kaizo-kun’, for the renovation and sale of pre-owned homes. In October 2010, we took advantage of the know-how built up since our establishment in detached housing to enter the custom-built housing sector. We now have the capabilities to conduct business in every sector related to homes and living spaces.

Fuji Corporation possesses proprietary know-how in the businesses that derived from the real estate brokerage and detached home segments, and this know-how synergistically complements our other businesses and makes us more than just a seller of homes. What sets us apart from others is our ability to meet housing needs that vary from region to region and that change with the times. This is what makes Fuji Corporation a ‘complete home provider’.

With business operations firmly rooted in the local community, we have a special relationship with customers that doesn’t end just after we sell or build them a home. Our aim is to maintain and improve our high standards as we continue building and providing homes that customers love.

Businesses by Segment

Residential Properties for Sale

In our Residential Properties for Sale segment, we construct new housing developments ranging in size from 50 to 200 homes. In this segment, we also involve customers in the design process for their new homes through a free-design home system. This system allows customers to choose the floor plans and types of equipment and appliances that will go into their home. This segment also handles the construction of new for-sale condominiums.

Nishinomiyahama Koshien (Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture) Nishinomiyahama Koshien 
(Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture)

『Charman Fuji Wakayama Ekima Gran Park(Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture) Charman Fuji
Wakayama Ekima Gran Park
Wakayama Prefecture)

Housing Distribution

Our Housing Distribution segment, which we call “Kaizo-kun,” conducts business in three steps: purchasing existing homes, renovating them, and selling them. Our competitive advantage in this sector comes from proprietary know-how based on our community-rooted business operations and strict guidelines for renovation procedures.

Ouchikan Honten, a housing information showroom where customers can browse and make selections
(Kishiwada, Osaka Prefecture)

Custom Housing

Using the know-how built up in detached housing business, we provide services for land owners through the contract construction of new houses on their land or rebuilding of existing houses.

Costom Housing Showroom
(Kishiwada City, Osaka Perefecture)

Leasing and Management

In this segment, we carry out administration of real estate properties, which includes managing the buildings, advertising for tenants, and collecting rent. The segment also includes commissioned operation of for-sale condominiums for the management association of those condominiums.

By offering high-quality leasing and management services, we drive the sales of our proposal based contract construction business and at the same time create synergy with our Effective Land Utilization segment.

Effective Land Utilization

In this segment, we carry out contract construction of proposal-based rental housing with the aid of our know-how in leasing and management. Another business pillar of this segment is the sale of rental apartments to investors, in which we purchase the land and build apartments.

Fuji Palace Senior, affordable rental apartments seniors with nursing-care services
(Sakai City, Osaka Perefecture)
Fuji Palace Series, rental apartments for individual investors